Coach’s Corner

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The 2014/15 season is off to a great start! 

Amazing!!!!= Walled Lake Gymnasts!!! Practice, set up, tear down, team events, meets, compete, support, progression, positive attitude, work ethics, determination, discipline and gratitude!!! That is what the Walled Lake Gymnasts represent


CONGRATULATIONS to all gymnasts for a successful 2013-2014 season! We are proud of all of you!


UPDATES -- Please continue to check this website for all updates. 

 Please call if you have any questions

Coach Dee: (248)660-7456

Coach Sarah: (248) 921-7356

~* Perseverance is to persist in an idea, purpose or task, despite obstacles *~ 

~* Remember that skills are achieved when your body can take the physical demand *~ 

Coach Dee and Coach Sarah
Walled Lake Gymnastics

WL Gymnastics 2014